High on Life PS5, PS4 Versions Announced, Out Now

High on Life PS5, PS4 Versions Out Now With New DLC Gameplay Trailer

Squanch Games has confirmed what was already obvious: The goofy first-person shooter is coming to PlayStation systems. However, PlayStation players don’t even have to wait since the High on Life PS5 and PS4 ports are out right now for $59.99 on the PlayStation Store.

The High on Life PS5 and PS4 ports are out right now

Buying one version entitles players to the other. These ports don’t seem to have any new features or content, though. Regardless, studio director Mike Fridley thanked PlayStation owners for their patience.

“The fans have spoken. And spoken. And spoken,” said Fridley. “We’ve been thrilled with High On Life’s reception since it launched in December. Our PlayStation fans have been slightly less thrilled, which is why we’re so excited to share that it’s coming their way very soon. Like now soon! Thank you for your patience!”

This port seemed inevitable, as it was found on a patch update database earlier in the week. Trophy lists for the game were also uploaded to sites like Exophase and PSNProfiles the following day.

Squanch also talked a little about High on Knife, the game’s first expansion, and said it will come to all systems at the same time, meaning PlayStation players won’t have to wait. IGN got an extended look at the DLC and even interviewed two members from Squanch who talked about the upgrades for Knifey, new abilities, and the gun voiced by Sarah Sherman from Saturday Night Live that will all be in DLC.

Squanch also released a trailer for the new port that doesn’t feature Justin Roiland’s name or voice in any way (and it even lists 26 other voice actors). This isn’t too unexpected since news broke that Roiland, who is most known for co-creating Rick and Morty and voicing the titular characters, was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery and false imprisonment. This spurred other reports to come out that alleged he preyed on some minors, harassed his female colleagues, and was generally not an attentive worker. The criminal charges were later dismissed, but this was well after Adult Swim and Squanch had severed ties with Roiland. Roiland wasn’t featured in the DLC’s trailer, either.