PSVR2 On PC Is Possible, Claims Driver Creator

PSVR2 On PC Is Possible, Claims VR Driver Creator

PlayStation VR2 is only officially compatible on PlayStation 5. However, some have been trying to unofficially get the headset to work on PC. And the person who made the PC driver for the original PSVR recently stated that getting PSVR2 to work on PC is indeeed possible.

A PSVR2 on PC driver is possible down the line

Twitter user iVRy tweeted more about their breakthroughs about how PSVR2 can be used on PC. In a series of tweets, they noted that PSVR2 can be used on PC and that Sony is not actively trying to block it. They also explained that it will require some extra adapter “due to Sony’s design choices.”

iVRy also apparently posted one picture of PSVR2 running SteamVR on PC and another running Half-Life Alyx. They noted that this breakthrough “felt great” because it provided visual feedback from all the work they’d done so far.

This journey to get PSVR2 on PC is far from over, though. iVRy said that a PSVR2 driver won’t come out anytime soon and that there is no way to give estimates after explaining it would be a long process to get everything working. But there seems to be at least some foreseeable endpoint.

iVRy has posted many updates over the last four months, some of which haven’t been as optimistic. They claim it’s been a long and expensive project and even temporarily walked away from it at some point because of harassment from impatient Twitter users.