Final Fantasy 16 leaks being investigated

Final Fantasy 16 Team Warns of Copyright Strikes Following Leaks

Square Enix has launched an investigation into recent Final Fantasy 16 leaks, which stemmed from a retailer (or two) breaking street date. The game’s discs were out in the wild as early as last week, following which unboxing photos and videos along with spoiler-filled gameplay clips and screenshots appeared online.

All Final Fantasy 16 leaks will be taken down ahead of launch

In a statement published on Final Fantasy 16’s official Twitter account, Square Enix acknowledged that the game’s physical copies had leaked somehow and promised to conduct a “thorough” investigation into the matter. In the meantime, players have been warned not to upload or share any videos and images that aren’t from the game’s demo or officially released by Square Enix. Doing so will result in a copyright strike.

Final Fantasy 16 will release this Thursday, June 22, so we suggest muting all related keywords on social media. Reddit users may also want to avoid gaming and Final Fantasy subreddits as that’s where we found the leaks.

In the meantime, start making some space on your PS5. Final Fantasy 16 is a chunky game, requiring around 100 GB of space. Players can get a head start and begin pre-loading tomorrow, June 20.