Final Fantasy 16 reviews have been positive

Final Fantasy 16 Won’t Satisfy the Whole Fanbase, Devs Acknowledge

Final Fantasy 16 released to great reviews, but its development team has acknowledged that the game won’t satisfy some fans. In a humble interview with the PS Blog, producer Naoki Yoshida said that Final Fantasy means different things to different people.

Final Fantasy 16 reviews average 88 on Metacritic, 89 on OpenCritic

Final Fantasy 16 has earned near unanimous praise for its narrative, acting, and cinematics, with some criticisms of its combat system. With an action-focused direction, the game differs from its predecessors.

“Every FF fan around the world has a different idea of what makes for the perfect FF game,” Yoshida said. “We always knew that it would be impossible to satisfy the expectations of the whole fanbase.”

Yoshida added that as a fan of the series himself, even his idea of Final Fantasy differs from other developers. However, the development team decided to make the game they wanted to make “while at the same time keeping an objective eye on the fans’ expectations.” Yoshida believes that developers should be objective about their work for their own peace of mind.

How fans respond to Final Fantasy 16 remains to be seen. The game is out today worldwide for exclusively for the PS5.