Star Wars: Outlaws Devs Explain Wanted & Reputation Systems

Star Wars: Outlaws Devs Explain Wanted & Reputation Systems

Star Wars: OutlawsUbisoft Forward demo was a vertical slice that contained its combat, dialogue system, and space traversal. Ubisoft has now spoken more about some of those mechanics, particularly the reputation and wanted systems at its core.

Star Wars: Outlaws’ reputation system opens up (or closes) opportunities

Creative director Julian Gerighty talked to Game Informer about these systems. He said that being able to speak and roleplay are key to the fantasy of being a scoundrel, an archetype protagonist Kay Vess is very firmly planted in.

“When dealing with syndicates, you’re going to have choices, which will affect your reputation with them,” said Gerighty. “[In the Ubisoft Forward demo], we saw that your reputation took a ding because you were recognized while infiltrating and stealing something from the Pykes. Your decisions will influence your reputation based on how you want to play the game. Good reputation leads to more access, access to the faction territories, better store prices, and exclusive missions and contracts. But if you get on [the faction’s] bad side, they’re going to send people after you.”

The part in the demo that Gerighty is talking about happens right after Kay flees the enemy stronghold in the beginning. A small HUD icon pops up and shows that the player’s reputation has dropped with the Pyke Syndicate. Game director Mathias Karlson spoke more about this in a narrated version of the gameplay demo from the Ubisoft Forward. He said that players are “never of servitude to anyone” and are always carving their own path, which will open up different opportunities.

“Various jobs and favors for the different characters and factions you encounter, they play an important role in everything from learning new things, actually unlocking equipment, to managing your precious reputation in the underworld, which is key to some of the most lucrative opportunities out there,” said Karlson.

Narrative director Navid Khavari said that who Kay works for is “crucial to creating a reputation for herself” and how she approaches those syndicates will be key to getting bigger and better jobs.

Players, as shown in the choice to bribe to officer or not in the demo, also get some say in certain events, but Gerighty told Game Informer that Star Wars: Outlaws doesn’t have a branching storyline. Not bribing the officer puts Kay on the wanted list, which sends the Empire after her. Gerighty said the wanted system will be “ever-present” within the game if the player gets caught or pokes at the Empire. As is usually the case with these systems, higher wanted levels mean the Empire will send greater threats toward the player.