Final Fantasy 16 PS5

Final Fantasy 16 Reportedly Overheating Some PS5s

Following the launch of Final Fantasy 16, numerous reports of PS5 consoles overheating cropped up on social media and gaming forums. Although it seems that a small number of players are affected overall, this isn’t an isolated issue. However, fans have now been able to narrow the problem down largely to dusty PS5s.

Final Fantasy 16 mostly overheating launch PS5 consoles

Quite a few players who reported the issue of FF16 overheating their console also reported that they purchased their unit at launch. Since then, a number of players claim to have successfully resolved the issue simply by cleaning their PS5s. FF16 is a graphically intensive game, so dusty PS5s will certainly get those fans going into overdrive mode.

“I took it [PS5] apart and gave it a thorough cleaning and it hasn’t happened since,” wrote one user, echoing numerous others. Another user added that Diablo 4 has also been causing PS5s to shut down and cleaning out the console fixed the problem. YouTuber TheSphereHunter even posted that their PS5 got so hot during a boss fight that it shut off.

In other words, it’s unlikely that your hardware is faulty and a game update probably won’t fix the issue. Cleaning out your console is your best bet. If that fails, we’ve got a handy guide with some other fixes that you can try.