new tales from the borderlands

New Tales From the Borderlands Will Feature All-New Characters

Yesterday at PAX East, Gearbox Software announced a new Tales From the Borderlands game set to launch in 2022, and while we didn’t get any gameplay or release information, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford spilled some beans about what the upcoming adventure will entail. He also revealed that the original Telltale-developed series was a success and Gearbox had been eyeing a return for a while.

What to expect from the new Tales From the Borderlands

The upcoming game will be an brand-new adventure featuring all-new characters set in the Borderlands universe. Although Tales From the Borderlands is being developed in-house by Gearbox this time, it’ll still follow the interactive fiction format. However, Pitchford didn’t say if the studio is opting for an episodic release format once again.

This time, we’re doing it to imagine all new characters and all-new stories from the Borderlands. So soon we’ll be announcing an all-new game set within the Borderlands universe and presented in that style of interactive fiction. I’m talking about an all-new Tales from the Borderlands adventure. It’s going to be releasing this year, it’s published by 2K Games, and it has been developed in-house by Gearbox Software. And it has all-new characters set in the Borderlands universe. We’ve been working on this experience secretly for many years. And I can’t wait until it’s time to announce this all-new game this summer and show all of you what we’ve been doing.

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