PS5 Hall Effect Controller

PS5 Hall Effect Controller by GuliKit To Stop All Stick Drift

A PS5 hall effect controller has the potential to solve all stick drift issues that can affect DualSense and DualSense Edge controllers. GuliKit, which sells hall effect joysticks and controllers for other systems, has its eyes set on the PlayStation 5 and making a DualSense hall effect controller.

New PS5 hall effect controller to fix stick drift issues

In response to a question on Twitter, GuliKit confirmed that it intends to make a PS5 hall effect controller with paddles:

As for replacement hall effect analog sticks for the DualSense Edge, GuliKit is also planning on selling those:

Existing DualSense Edge owners will, in theory, be able to swap out the stock analog sticks with the new hall effect joysticks, once they can be bought.

Though there’s no estimated release date on when these hall effect products will become available, it’s likely that the DualSense Edge kit will be released first, as GuliKit has confirmed that making them is easier “for its modular design.”

GuliKit is no stranger to hall effect tech, as it sells hall effect joysticks for Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

For those happy with the standard DualSense controller, there is going to be a limited-edition LeBron James version. As for the DualSense Edge, it’s now being sold in more retailers.