PS5 Slim possibly coming in 2023

Rumored PS5 Slim Might Not Be ‘Slim’ After All

Known insider Tom Henderson has said that the rumored PS5 Slim might not end up being a slimmer version of the console at all. Henderson — who first leaked the upcoming hardware revision — never suggested that it would be a thinner version of the launch model, but reports referencing “PS5 Slim” continue to persist.

PS5 Slim might end up having “just slightly different dimensions”

Henderson claims to have seen prototypes of the revised PS5, and based on what he’s seen, he thinks the new hardware will only feature “slightly different dimensions” at best. Dev kits of the new PS5 model reportedly made their way to game developers earlier this year.

As far as a release date is concerned, Henderson stands by his report that the revised PS5 will be out in September, so a reveal is expected soon. “I’m inclined to believe it will just be called a PS5 and branded as an improved model,” Henderson wrote, doubling down on his claim that the new PS5 will completely replace the launch model.

Earlier this month, PS5 consoles were discounted across Europe and a number of countries in other regions, leading to speculations that Sony was making room for the revised model.