Final Fantasy 16 DLC being considered

Final Fantasy 16 Devs Looking Into DLC Requests

Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida has said that the development team is looking into DLC requests and may have some news to share soon. In a video interview, Yoshida acknowledged that fans want to see more and said that Square Enix is considering its options.

Final Fantasy 16 DLC news “hopefully” coming soon

In response to a question about FF16’s DLC, Yoshida said that the development team approached the game’s development with the view to delivering a complete experience. Yoshida said that he wanted to give fans something to enjoy “100% from beginning to end without any DLC.”

While Yoshida believes that FF16’s development team was able to achieve its vision, he acknowledged that feedback received from “a lot of players” revolve around potential DLC. “We’re taking that [feedback] and thinking about our options,” Yoshida continued. “So, hopefully, in the near future we have something that we can give to you all.”

Final Fantasy 16 launched to positive reviews from fans and critics alike, and went on to sell over 3 million copies worldwide within its first week. However, its sales performance has become the subject of heated debates on social media, with some spelling doom for the franchise.