Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5

Spider-Man 2 PS5 Web Wings Enable ‘Super-Fast’ Travel

Insomniac Games has said that Web Wings in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 enable “super-fast” travel, thanks to the power of the PS5. The studio dropped a ton of new game information alongside a trailer and announcement of a themed console and covers at San Diego Comic-Con.

Spider-Man 2 pushes traversal speed on PS5

Over on the PS Blog, senior game director Ryan Smith said that Insomniac utilized the PS5’s “power and speed” to bring something people have seen in the comics and movies to the game.

“Swinging is the core of our Spider-Man traversal, so we designed the Web Wings to work with swinging and complement it,” Smith explained. “That way you can weave back and forth between the two to build up speed and height.”

Using Web Wings in conjunction with wind tunnels is one way for players to go across the map “super-fast and really push the speed of traversal.” Ryan added that this was one of Insomniac’s goals and the team is excited for players to try the Web Wings out.

“Thanks to the power and speed of the PS5, Web Wings add another layer to our traversal system and change up how you look at getting around the different parts of the city,” Ryan concluded.