Acclaimed Puzzler Patrick's Parabox PS5 Version Announced

Acclaimed Puzzler Patrick’s Parabox PS5 Version Announced

Patrick’s Parabox was received well when it came to PC in 2022. Now, a Patrick’s Parabox PS5 version has been confirmed, giving console users a chance to solve some devious puzzles.

When is the Patrick’s Parabox PS5 release date?

Patrick’s Parabox is coming to PS5 (and Nintendo Switch) on July 26. There’s no official price, but the Steam version is $19.99. The trophy list, as listed on Exophase, has gone live a little early and shows that the title has 23 trophies, including a Platinum.

While it simply looks just like box pushing other boxes, Patrick’s Parabox is a recursive puzzler where players enter boxes to solve small puzzles in smaller boxes. There are boxes in boxes in boxes in its 350 or so handcrafted puzzles, as shown in the console announcement trailer that layers in praise as the protagonist goes deeper and deeper into more boxes.

It received an average score of 84 on Metacritic and sits at an “Overwhelmingly Positive” rating on Steam. The name in the title is also a reference to Patrick Traynor, the game’s developer. Traynor also recently made a similarly recursive and meta game in a game jam hosted by Mark Brown from the popular YouTube channel Game Maker’s Toolkit. In it, he developed Video Editor’s Toolkit where players play a game about editing the video about the game jam.