Twisted Metal Cast Plays Twisted Metal: Black

Watch Twisted Metal’s Anthony Mackie Show His Skills in Twisted Metal: Black

The Super Mario Bros. Movie cast did it with Mario Kart, so it was only natural the same would happen for Twisted Metal, albeit with fewer people. Lead actor Anthony Mackie went head-to-head in one of the Twisted Metal games with showrunner Michael Jonathan Smith, both of whom were joined by Quiet actor Stephanie Beatriz.

Mackie plays John Doe in the show

Smith and Mackie went up against each other in the PS4 port of the 2001 PS2 game Twisted Metal: Black. Beatriz, while briefly shown with a controller, mainly commented on the side. She even wryly pointed out how different Mackie looks from his character in the game, John Doe.

There were only a few moments that showed the actual game, as it was mostly about the three talking about shooting the show, video games, and their memories from the early 2000s. Mackie said he didn’t play too many video games growing up, but he said he played some Atari systems back then. He also noted that it was a “big deal” when anyone got a PlayStation.

Miller said he wanted the apocalypse in the series to happen in 2002 since that’s near the era when these games came out, which were “synonymous with the time.” Mackie said he even got his first car around 2002 and loved playing his music while driving, which is also what his character does in the series.

Twisted Metal is about to have a presence at Comic-Con that not only includes free ice cream from Sweet Tooth’s truck, but also a screening of the first episode before its July 27 premiere date.