High on Life PS4 Version Spotted

High on Life PS4 Version Spotted

High on Life was released on Xbox platforms and PC in December 2022 and set records for Game Pass. PlayStation owners were left out, but that may not be the case for long, as a High on Life PS4 version was spotted online.

High on Life is likely coming to PlayStation

As noted by Knoebelbroet, a listing for High on Life showed up on the game update database Orbis Patches. It shows that the shooter is on patch 1.03 and around 9.8GB total. This listing was only created on July 17. There is currently no entry for a PS5 port, but it’s possible that it may show up eventually since not many titles of this stature only ship on PS4. It was natively on Xbox One, as well as Xbox Series X|S, after all.

There’s been no official confirmation of a possible port. However, it seems likely that it’ll be announced at Comic-Con. High on Life is one of the games scheduled to be at the show in some capacity. It also has a horror-themed expansion on the way called High on Knife, but not much is known about it. It would make sense for the DLC to come out alongside or just after a PlayStation port.

High on Life was a little divisive when it launched. The quirky first-person shooter hit an average score of 70 on OpenCritic, and while some loved its irreverent humor, others found it incredibly grating.

The game got caught in the crossfire over the controversy surrounding Squanch Games co-founder Justin Roiland, who is most known for co-creating Rick and Morty and voicing the titular characters. Shortly after High on Life’s release, it came out that Roiland had been arrested and charged with felony domestic battery and false imprisonment. This spurred other reports to come out that alleged he preyed on some minors, harassed his female colleagues, and was generally not an attentive worker. The criminal charges were later dismissed, but this was well after Adult Swim and Squanch had severed ties with Roiland.

While Squanch has not said much after his departure, the teaser trailer for the High on Knife DLC didn’t include Kenny, the gun that Roiland voiced. It’s unclear (but still very possible) that he’s still in the main game, though.