Retro Cloud Gaming Service Antstream Might Come to PS5

Retro Cloud Gaming Service Antstream Might Come to PS5

Antstream Arcade studio head Mike Rouse has revealed that the retro cloud gaming service might launch on the PS5. The service is currently timed Xbox exclusive, launching on Microsoft’s platforms on July 21.

What is Antstream and its expected PS5 release date?

Antstream is a streaming service that currently boasts over 1400 officially licensed retro titles from the PlayStation, SNES, Sega, Atari, and Arcade, among other classic platforms. The service adds titles on an ongoing basis, supports cloud saves, records high scores online, and comes with a ‘resume play’ feature. Players can also enter tournaments and challenge each others’ high scores.

As for when Antstream might launch on PS5, Rouse told Xbox Expansion Pass that Antstream is timed exclusive to Xbox for up to eight months. When asked if PlayStation and Nintendo players can expect Antstream on their platforms, Rouse said, “I think so… probably not for another 6-8 months.”

“We want it [Antstream] everywhere,” he added. “We don’t know where you’re going to be in five years, so if we have have it on the device that you’re playing on in five years’ time, that’s brilliant.” Rouse added that all of players’ data should carry over to whatever platform they choose to play on in the future.