PS5 Pro Reportedly Supporting 8K, Not Releasing in 2023

PS5 Pro Reportedly Supporting 8K, Not Releasing in 2023

Microsoft’s trial with the Federal Trade Commission mentioned an enhanced version of the PS5, as the Xbox maker said it was anticipating that Sony was developing a mid-gen upgrade for the console. Insider Tom Henderson also had said he was “100% confident” that a PS5 Pro was in development, and now he’s come out with a new report detailing more about the alleged system.

The PS5 Pro is reportedly slated for 2024

According to Henderson on his new site KeyToGaming, the PS5 Pro is codenamed Trinity, keeping with the Matrix codenames for the PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR, which were “Neo” and “Morpheus,” respectively. It has allegedly been in the works since early 2022 and many studios will have their development kits by November 2023. Sony is also apparently trying to target a November 2024 release date for the improved system.

Henderson noted that he couldn’t track down exact specs, but it is being built to have a better and more consistent frame rate at 4K. He also explained that there will be a new performance mode for 8K and better ray tracing. The PS5 does support ray tracing, but it’s often limited, especially within the context of what high-end PCs can do.

This latest report from Henderson is a more detailed update from his report in March. He has also previously reported accurately on Sony hardware. Henderson was the first to reveal details on Project Q, Sony’s wireless earbuds, and the DualSense Edge, all three of which were later confirmed. He also noted again that there is no slim PS5, but doubled down on the PS5 with a detachable disc drive, which he has reported on before.